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Lahser Athletes Gain the Upper Hand

Reilly Manz


Some think Lahser’s low GPA requirements may be giving an unfair advantage to our athletes, over those in surrounding districts. Here at Lahser, the minimum GPA requirement for athletes is about a 1.8. Most athletes have no problem meeting this requirement; however, an unlucky few are affected every year.  One sophomore at Lahser, is just one of those affected by the policy.  A recent was declared ineligible to participate this football season due to his grades last year, and his inability to attend summer classes this summer. “Money is a big factor,” he said. Full credit summer classes cost up to $450 per class.

But Lahser’s Head football Coach, Dan Loria, believes that the policy is not strict enough. “The minimum GPA requirement should be raised to motivate kids to perform in the classroom.” he said. “-there will always be a certain amount of kids who will struggle in the classroom.” Coach Loria requires at least a 2.5 GPA during the year.

Kira Jacobs, a senior at Lahser, recently transferred to Lahser from Michigan Technical Academy in Detroit. Jacobs ran track at MTA, and said that a 2.5 minimum GPA was required for all sports. A number that is significantly higher than the minimum at Lahser; these high expectations means that a greater number of students struggling to meet the minimum, athletes that could potentially make a difference on their respective sports teams. While athletes at Lahser have an easier time meeting the minimum, meaning more players per team, and more opportunity to put the best team on the field.

However, the low GPA requirements here at Lahser could reflect the difficulty of classes here at Lahser compared to other districts. Lahser is known for its rigorous curriculum, and now with the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, some students will be stretching their schedules even more. Athletes at Lahser are encouraged to excel in the classroom as well as on the field. Before and after school tutoring programs are offered everyday, and coaches implement their own personal GPA requirements to match the high standards of surrounding districts.

Lahser’s athletes are not being given an advantage over those in other districts. On paper, the GPA policies may be low compared to surrounding schools. But the requirements are virtually the same thanks to the coaching staff at Lahser. The field is where athletes compete. Not in a classroom, and not on a report card.

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