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Time To Turn Around

Sophia Gilardone

It’s Friday night and the football team is warming up for the big game. The lights turn on, and the game starts, but right from the beginning there is something different. Is it that the players are making mistakes? Or maybe the fans aren’t pumped up enough? Whatever it is may cost us the game… or the first three games to be exact. Unlike the Lahser varsity football team we’ve known in the past, this year we aren’t off to a great start.

With angry fans and frustrated players the togetherness and school pride football usually creates has been absent this year. Everyone wants the football team to do well, but no one is quite sure what the problem is. While everyone has a different opinion, most can agree that that if the team can work together and if the fans cheered them on like they have, then they’ll be unstoppable. What we need is to “bring it the second half” says senior fan Mack Gust. It’s difficult to cheer for a losing team, the student section does the best they can but it seemed to be a hopeless cause. On the flip side the student section needs to give the football team support so they are more pumped to win, say senior tight end Tenny Birger. The football team knows that they have to step it up to bring back that school pride, but the student section is supposed to pump up the football team- no matter what. Both sides need to improve to create the combination that will allow us to win the rest of the games and make it to the play offs. Compared to teams in the past, Coach Dan Loria says, this group of boys have the experience that no other team has had before and is the “best ever”. When talking about how well the upper and lower classmen were working together, and says he’s confident that they will win the rest of the games.

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