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United We Stand

Lahser Jr. Michael Lucci tenses his body, preparing to stop the opponent from taking a shot on net.  As the attack man dodges at Lucci from the left, he checks his stick, trying to knock the ball out.  He misses and the attack man rips a shot on the net.  SAVE! Andover Sr. Ari Cicurel stops the ball, and together, the two Bloomfield Lacrosse players from opposing schools work together to save the day.

This scene from last spring’s season will become more common in the near future as our district moves towards consolidating the two high schools.  Even though Lahser and Andover are typically rivals, when it comes to lacrosse and hockey, they have already joined forces as allies.

There are many benefits to the unified sports teams, such as a more competitive program and a sense of district spirit.  “The more student athletes a program has to choose from the more kids and more talent there is.” said Cicurel.  Lucci adds, “The squad is stronger together than it ever could be alone.”

When the two high schools combine, all of the sports programs and clubs will also combine.  While this will surely increase the success of the programs, will there be enough spots for all of the athletes to have a fair opportunity to play?

Along with more successful programs, there are cons to the unification as well.   “I don’t like the fact that we lose the rivalry aspect in a way,” said Lahser Soph. Kevin Barnett.  “If you watch football, soccer, volleyball or any other sports, you know the Lahser Andover rivalry has always been a tradition.  So we lose that sense of rivalry.”

All in all, the unification of these two programs has greatly helped to strengthen them.  Surely the same will happen with the rest of the sports and clubs when the two schools merge.

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