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  Finishing first at the OAA White Division League Championship, Friday November 5, 2010 proved to be one of the most successful days for the Lahser Lady Knight Swim & Dive Team.  It was the ending the girls wanted for their perfect season. 

It started back in August, when 38 girls met at the kick off barbeque preparing for the season ahead.  As they quickly fell into the routine of getting up early to jump into a freezing cold pool.  Three hours of swimming in the morning, then back to Lahser in the afternoon for one and one half hour dry land practice.  The Lady Knights knew a perfect season was in their grasp, they just had to believe it to achieve it. 

“I am so happy with how the season went,” comments Sr. Captain Anna Grace “not only was it the perfect season but the team got along great.”  The team came together and worked hard so they could achieve what they set out for.  Talent ranging from seniors all the way down the freshman with the depth they needed to take the title.  “We knew what we wanted, we just had to set our minds to it and work for it” says Sr. Captain Anna Grace, and that is just what the Lady Knights did.

The Lahser Lady Knights Swim Team has a difficult schedule waking up at 5 a.m. to go workout before school and coming back to the pool after school to keep working.  The girls never let  swimming interfere with class work though; one of the most important things on the team is doing well in school.  The Dive team also works extremely hard and is a big part of the team’s success this year.  Jr. Abbey Haji-Shiekh comments “the team works very hard and we help each other push ourselves to achieve our personal goals.  Swimming is seen as an individual sport but without the support of your teammates it is not as enjoyable.”

The Lahser Lady Knights finished their dual meet season with a 9-0 record.  Also winning the Metro Relay meet at the beginning of the season and taking 2nd and 4th at the Crandbrook Invite.  As the season came down to a close the girls were ready for the League Championship meet, looking for the win.  They had worked all season for this moment when they hear their name next to first place.  Going into the final day of leagues the Knights were ranked first amongst the 9 teams.  With a great start, a rocky middle and a sold last half of the meet the Knights were anxious to hear the end results.  Huddled together the Knights waited for the final score.  As 1st place got closer and Lahser still not being called the Knights had a feeling this Championship was in their grasp.  “3rd place, Andover, 2nd place… Royal Oak” said the announcer “And in 1st place your 2010 OAA White Division League Champions the Lahser Lady Knights.”

You could see the excitement on each girls face, the first time Lahser has won a League Championship in twelve years.  A huge accomplishment for the team.  Each girl worked very hard and deserved the victory.  Swimming may be an individual sport but Lahser could have never taken the Championship without being a team.  The girls would like to thank their coaches Mike Rado, Katie Callen, Piper and Bailey Garwood, all of the fans and their dedicated Boys swim and dive team who attended all of their meets too cheer them to victory.  It was a great season and the Lahser Lady Knights could not be happier.

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