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Another victory over the Barons

By: Bianca Nguyen


The Knights made Lahser proud with another victory over our Bloomfield rivals at the Andover vs. Lahser boys’ varsity basketball game on Friday, January 7th. Lahser’s team dominated with a decisive score of 60-38 over the Andover Barons, making this our second consecutive win for the league. Lahser led by roughly twice as many points in every quarter, and senior Jillian Beltowski comments, “By the fourth quarter, it was already obvious that the game was ours.” At this point, Andover’s Varsity Coach Rubin threw in the towel and sat on the bench and started talking to the JV coaches. “Whenever he does that, you know the game is over and Andover’s team lost,” says a student who attended the game that night.


The Knights’ win can be credited to good ball movement and an impressive offense in the game. “The team was hittin’ the shots,” says senior co-captain Bobby Brandon proudly, who was feeling a bit under the weather from the illness that has been going around. Although Brandon was not able to play, he came out to support his team and watched them dominate the court. Sophomores Martez Jones and Kyle Riley were just two of the players who made a great number of shots, Jones even making five free throws for the team. Andover missed nearly all of their free throws, and throughout the game the Knights owned them with rebounds and steals. Every player on the team worked well with each other, which was obvious by the numerous assists made by seniors Bryant Charters and BJ Lavallis that helped seal the game for us.

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