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Athlete of the Month

By: Connor Wood

This month’s top athlete honor goes to senior varsity lacrosse captain Ryan Monahan. Monahan plays for the Bloomfield Nighthawks, a joint Lacrosse Team which includes the best players from Andover and Lahser High Schools. With the 2011 lax season finally underway, Monahan expects nothing short of a winning season. “Many new players are in the mix along with our powerful and experienced returning juniors and seniors,” Monahan said. “This gives us a very strong roster.”

Bloomfield got off to a rough start this season by losing three games in a preseason tournament. Even with these losses, the team’s hopes are still high and they are ready for redemption as the team begins their regular season games. “It’s tough to refocus after losing our first few games but I think its better we make our mistakes early so that come playoff time, we will be a better and more prepared team.”

Although lacrosse has become a popular high school sport to play, the fan base for the Nighthawks has been weak. Both schools need to come together to get loud and support the Nighthawks as they battle other top high schools in the state this season. “Lacrosse is a very exciting sport to watch,” says Monahan. There is a lot of hitting and tons of scoring what more could you ask for? “If we could pack the bleachers every game, I can guarantee that we will put on a good show.” Check the schedule below and come out to support the Nighthawks!

One Response to Athlete of the Month

  1. dillski April 12, 2011 at 1:14 PM

    is he being recruited by anyhwere?


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