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Lions, Tigers… Playoffs?

By Reilly Manz

ALDS Championships and Monday night football are two things that are scarcely spoken about by Detroit sports fans in the month of October, but a recent surge of victories amongst Detroit’s two most winning teams during the 2011 season has caused a stir all across the state of Michigan.

If one were to walk down Woodward Avenue and down into the heart of Detroit, certain electricity would be felt lingering in the air. These past few weeks have been a source of unknown energy for the city of Detroit as a result of the success of two of Detroit’s most loved sports teams. Both the Lions and the Tigers have experienced a dominant sense of competition both late in the post-season for the MLB playoffs, and a perfect pre-season has given way to great success in the NFL.

So what can this success be attributed to? Could it be the return of Rookie quarterback Matthew Stafford from the disabled list, or possibly the addition of Victor Martinez to the explosive Tigers offense? Well, maybe…

Anyone could speculate as to why this sudden burst of success has come to light, but anyone from the Detroit area would say the success is due to the spirit of the Detroit people. Detroiter’s have always known themselves as a stubborn, reliable, and tough group of people, characterized by their winning spirit, even if the wins might not come on the field.

The recession in the U.S. has had an adverse effect on Americans across the country, but Detroit has been hit the hardest. With the auto industry suffering, the entire Michigan economy has took a turn for the worst. With thousands leaving the city of Detroit, and Michigan as a whole, in search of better job opportunities, Michiganders are now, more than ever, seeking some sign of hope for a brighter future. Though the success of a local sports team may be a minor victory for the Michigan economy, many of us Michiganders would like to find some hope for the future in the success of our hometown heroes.

And the success of Detroit teams is not only making local and state news, but news across the country. Headlines praising and publicizing the success in Detroit can be seen all across America. With more and more attention being turned to our teams, the spotlight will be on the city now more than ever, and with an opportunity to show the rest of America what Detroit can do, all of Michigan is going all in to support their home state.

Could all of this be a sign of a Detroit revival and a new hope for people across Michigan? Regardless of what the success in Detroit can be attributed to, the spirit of Detroit is shining through now more than ever, and in all its glory, providing a model for cities and towns across America to always hold high it’s faith in the ability of sports to connect entire communities with a little bit of playoff magic.

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