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Just Keep Swimming

By: Taylor Wildman

The Lady Knights swim team have now won against Andover Barons for 23 years. The competition between the two teams seems to be very high, but these Knights say that winning against Andover has become easy and expected. So how are these teams suppose to combine? Two rivals being forced to come together? Sounds like the beginning of one of those famous Disney movies.

The lady’s have worked really hard this year, like every year, so don’t be fooled by them saying beating Andover is easy. They work as hard, if not harder, than the football players. With an hour or so of practice every morning and after school you have to be dedicated to swimming to join this team. Not to mention the struggles they go through as swimmers, they are constantly getting dehydrated, dry skin and the chlorine does a lot of damage on their hair. “Swimming defines my daughter, it’s like their training to become fish,“ says a swim team captains mom. Coach Rado has really been pushing them this swim season, “Everyones swimming faster than they were at this time last year,” says dedicated swimmer Alicia Lew when asked why she thought that Rados toughness was necessary. Being such hard workers and knowing that Andover is easy to beat, will the Ladys overshadow the Andover swimmers are smashed into one? Will Coach Rado push the Andover swimmers and bring out their talents more and create a bigger and better team? “If anyone can do it, its Rado,” says team captain Madison Blondin on the matter.

A bigger and better team is the fantasy and would be ideal, but the rivalry is still there. Just this past meet the Andover swim team wrote not-so-nice messages on the cars of the Lahser swim team that had their cars marked with team spirit filled messages. On the opposite side of the bigger and better, the two teams compete for spots on a smaller team, which could definitely happen since the swim team spots might not expand with the number of swimmers. Our Lady’s have no fear about not getting their spots when the team combines say that, “ All Andover’s good swimmers graduated last year.”

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