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Sophomore Sensation

By: Lindsey Ferguson


WE’VE ALWAYS HAD THE BEST KIDS PLAY. WHETHER IT’S A SOPHOMORE, FRESHMAN, JUNIOR OR SENIOR.” According to the Varsity Coach of the Lahser football team, age is nothing but a number. Over the past few years, the majority of the quarterbacks for the Lahser varsity football team have all been well-groomed juniors and seniors. This year however, sophomore quarterback Spencer McCourt has stepped up to help lead the knights to a number of victories. “I’m not concerned about one particular team that we have to play during our season, I’m only concerned with the team we will be playing on Friday.” New quarterback Spencer Mccourt stated confidently. While this position is a lot of pressure for a player of any age, Mccourt has handled the duty with the same poise and certainty as well as any other veteran quarterback. At the end of the 2010 season, there was much talk of sophomores Colin Feila & Chris McDonlad to take over the posistion the next year. But when McCourt impressed the coaches with his raw talent during the pre-season, the choice was an easy decision to make. Not only has Mccourt made an impression on the field but also off the field. Lahser Student Nora Manz said “I’m excited to see the games now because one of the main players is a person that I know and talk to. It’s so cool!” The young stars talents will be further appreciated in his upcoming years. According to Coach Loria, “Mccourt is an extremely dedicated kid and great player. I see a great future with him.”

Picture taken from: http://www.susanadamsphoto.com/p824732800/h24b70cae#h24b70cae

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