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Knights Baseball Sees Major Changes

By: Reilly Manz

 Despite the fact that the spring season is still nearly five months away, Lahser’s baseball team has already started preparing for next year’s season. After going .500 in their league last year under the leadership of head coach Scott Long, the boy’s are looking forward to the 2012 season and hopefully even more wins than the pervious year. However, due to the sudden resignation of both Coach Long and the rest of the coaching staff because of scheduling conflicts, the Knight’s have more work cut out for them than ever before.

Just as anybody who has played, seen, or even heard of organized sports would know, undergoing a drastic change in the coaching staff such as this is a tough transition period for any team. Whether it’s at the high school, collegiate or even professional level, a team’s head coach as well as the rest of the coaching staff is absolutely vital to a team’s success; but when you remove the coaches from the equation and plug in an entirely new variable, a team’s ability to adapt will ultimately decide it’s own fate. 

As of Friday the 18th, John Toth was named the new head coach. A young graduate and ex-player from Oakland University, Toth seems like the perfect candidate for the new job.  Junior outfielder, Zack Tornow says, “Coach Long built a good foundation for the program, and set good values for the underclassmen.” Tornow continued to say that these things would help cope with the transition of the coaching staff. “The upperclassmen will play a big role in the success of the program. Now, more than ever, they will be obligated to set an example for the underclassmen.” 

One of these senior leaders, Neal Krentz, agrees with Tornow on the matter. “The biggest obstacle we’ll have to overcome is adjusting to the new coach, but we have a mature team, it won’t be a problem.” Another challenge that the team will face is organizing workout during the winter, which would otherwise normally be set up by one of the coaches. “We have the next three months to come together as a team. Right now we are more separated than we have been in the past. But we can overcome this.” 

In an effort to bring the team together and make progress toward the 2012 season, Krentz says he will spearhead the effort to organize winter workouts for the team, a step, which is necessary for success in the next season. 

As always, the entire Lahser community will be behind the 2012 team as they make advances for the upcoming season, good luck Knights!

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