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Boys Basketball Preview 2011

 By: Reilly Manz

The 2011-2012 men’s basketball season is underway and off to a great start. The Knights will be featuring a cast of young talent on the court this year, starring four underclassmen. The two Sophomores Armand Cartwright and Yante Maten are coming back for another productive season, and the two juniors, Andrew Gikas and Martez Jones are also back for their second year on the Varsity squad. With two excellent defenders down low, big men Gikas and Maten plan to lock down the oppenents offense while creating scoring opportunities led by Senior captain A.B. Allam. “We plan to string together lots of possession with lots of scoring from our outside guys,” says Andrew Gikas. “Not very often you get to have the same starting lineup on the court for two years in a row. This element has really proven to add to the cohesive nature of the team.” 

 And he’s exactly right, the Knights are looking sharp in the early weeks of the season, and seem to be coming together as a team now tighter than ever before. It’s safe to say that we should all expect big things from this year’s Varsity team as they continue the season. Go Knights!

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