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Girls Basketball

By: Austin Burchill

The buzzer sounded and a rather somber mood surrounded the Lahser Women’s Basketball team. It was an end to a half Lady Knights Coach Bob Brydges wasn’t very happy about.

“I was hoping to get a quick start out of the gates.” Brydges said. He also added “If we are focused, and we get the ball to the open girl, we’ll be fine. We need to play our game and let Suzanne take control.”

Junior point guard, Suzanne Miller, up to Tuesday’s game, had scored 41 points. Her ability to make the outside shot and her quickness allow her to be a huge threat on the court. Rather than Miller time, it was Andover’s very own star point guard Shannon Wilson who stole the show. Wilson got off to a quick start with 20 points in the first half. She weaved in and out of Lady Knights making it look easy. On the other side of the court, Miller was shutdown by the Lady Barons fierce double teams. She had to work for every step. The Lady Barons controlled the game in the first half.

The second half looked up for the Lady Knights until Wilson took over once again scoring 13 point in the first 10 minutes of the half. It was the quickness and speed of the Lady Barons that really took over. Their fast breaks were unstoppable all night and they continued till the final buzzer. Every time the Lady Knight scored, the Lady Barons were back down the floor in a flash putting in two points of their own. When Miller through up the last shot of the 3rd quarter, the scoreboard showed Lady Barons 60 Lady Knights 36.

The game ended in a victory for the Lady Barons. The Lady Knights play the Lady Maples of Seaholm next. The game is scheduled for December 8th, 2011.

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