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Nez Charles

By: Annie Reed

Hood up, head phones in, she means business. With the dubstep remix of Pretty Boy Swag blaring, it is her moment to shine.

Sophmore Nez Charles brought pride to Lahser Girls Varsity Swim Team at the Division Three State meet. She had an impressive display, winning two individual events and one relay. This makes her an All-State athlete and up for being recognized as an All-American.

 “It was exhilarating to win. It was really exciting to see all of the hard work I put in this season pay off. It’s a good feeling,” she comments with a smile.

Walking behind the blocks, there is a lot on a swimmers mind. They get only one chance to be successful and show how hard they worked over the season.

 “I was really focused on making Coach Rado and my state girls proud. I wanted to show people I was proud to be a Lady Knight. Well… I was also thinking about how awesome my walk out song was, not going to lie.”

Charles is known for her modesty and for being a great teammate among the swimmers. It is surprising to many she can remain so gracious after big victories and be so involved with each of her teammates.

“My favorite moment at states had to be seeing my teammates compete and reach their goals. It was cool to see them accomplish what they had been training for every day.”

Being an OLY swimmer, Charles was strongly discouraged from swimming for Lahser. OLY is an elite team that she also competes for. This is why Charlesdid not swim her freshman year. She explains,

 “OLY’s program isn’t designed for swimmers who wish to swim for their high school. They weren’t fully supportive in my joining of the Lahser swim team, but in the end, they were happy with my performance as a high school swimmer.”

Charles really enjoyed her first year with the team. She tells Knight Life it is much different than any other team she has been on.

“I love everyone on the team! There was so much team bonding. We were practically all sisters. It was great to be a Lady Knight this year. I definitely wouldn’t change a thing.”

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