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The Biff Meets Mojo!

By: Jacqueline Shandler

Mojo in the Morning: nationally famous for their hilarious phone scams and entertaining morning talk show every week day.

The students in the WBFH radio staff class boarded into vans on the morning of December 16 to visit Clear Channel radio station, and what a way to kick off winter break!

Clear Channel contains the stations in Detroit including “Detroit’s Hit Music” Channel 95.5, “Fresh” 100.3, “The D” 106.7, and “The Mix” 92.3. The students had the opportunity of walking though the building and into the studios of a few of the morning shows while the disk jockeys were live on the air. They talked to the professional DJ’s and were constantly being told humorous and even inspirational stories. Also, the students were given advice about future career plans in the broadcasting field and the most effective steps to take. However, the most memorable part of the trip for the students on the Biff was being able to sit in on the Mojo in the Morning show as Mojo, Shannon, and Spike were live on the air.

“I was very thrilled when I found out they had invited us to come see their show. Also, I am thankful to Mojo, Spike, and Shannon for allowing us to come into the studio,” Said WBFH teacher, Pete Bowers. “We had a large group and sometimes radio hosts are protective of their space, but allowing us to come in and talking to us about careers and broadcasting definitely made my day.”

The students met Mojo, Shannon, and Spike and were able to talk to them and ask any questions they had. More so, they observed the professionals as they performed their jobs and had a great time listening to a phone scam air live. They were a live audience for the show and were constantly laughing and clapping after every segment throughout.  Sean Shepard, a junior at Lahser High School and a current staffer on WBFH radio, said, “I loved the experience of meeting Mojo and my favorite part was listening to the hilarious phone scam that we all got to hear first hand. I was really impressed and glad they let us into the station to be our own live audience.”

The radio students heard Shannon’s “Dirty on the Thirty” and what the three hosts thought of the latest entertainment news and what is going on locally in Detroit. Also, Spike was talking to the students about colleges and asking the radio staffers about what they are planning on doing after high school. Pete Bowers comments on the trip as a whole, “Of all the field trips the Biff has taken over my 35 years, that was truly one of the best.” The WBFH station manager adds, “Mojo in the Morning is the number one morning show, especially for young people in Detroit, and to be able to go in and watch them perform their show was a big thrill.”

Lastly, the trip was a success and the students had the opportunity of not only meeting the hosts of Mojo in the Morning, but standing in the studio as the morning show was airing live. This field trip will not be forgotten by the radio students who gained role models from the short, but memorable visit to Clear Channel.

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