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Three Knights Shine on Signing Day

By: Mike Lucci

Three of Lahser’s stellar athletes sit at a table in front of family, friends and administration.  The excitement in the room is electric.  One after another they commit to where they will not only attend college next year but be playing college athletics.  National Signing Day 2012 is here and for Nate Cole, Erik Kelly and Tyler Roth, the biggest decision of their lives is moments away.  As the seconds tick closer, each of them takes a breath, smiles and says the words every athlete dreams of speaking, “Next year I will be playing for….”

 Nate Cole has committed to play football at GrandValleyStateUniversity.  Cole was eager to share his thoughts with Knightlife, “I am honored to not only play football but attend GrandValleyStateUniversity, I look forward to playing on Saturdays next year in the fall.”  Cole has spent the last four years shinning on the field for the Knights and will most definitely achieve success on the field as a Laker.  Cole gives his closing thoughts on his accomplishment, “I have enjoyed my four years as a Lahser Knight and look forward to becoming a Laker.”  Dan Loria, Lahser’s distinguished football coach discussed Cole’s and Roth’s accomplishments, “Tyler and Nate made it a goal, and never wavered from it. Their commitment and dedication is second to nobody, and I know I have not had anyone in the past 11 years out-work them.”  Loria continued to mention, GrandValleyand the Universityof Pennsylvaniaare not only gaining great football players, but they gaining young men of high character with exceptional leadership skills.”

Tyler Roth has committed to play football next year at theUniversity ofPennsylvania.  Roth shares his thoughts on this once in a lifetime opportunity, “Four years ago I never thought that I would be playing football. I never thought that I would be attending the best business school in the nation, or competing in the Ivy League, or even walking in the footsteps of Benjamin Franklin.”  Roth’s decision was not solely based on athletics but UPenn’s history of academic excellence that is second to none.  Roth continued to state, “As far as my decision, it was an easy choice. I decided on Penn because it is a school that has everything that I am looking for. The football program is unparalleled in the Ivy League.  Academically, the Wharton School of Business is the best in the nation. Penn offered me far more than any other school could.” Roth is sure to not only achieve in the classroom but on the playing field as well.

 Erik Kelly has committed to play soccer next year at WesternMichiganUniversity.   Kelly had only positive things to say on his achievement, “I am excited for the opportunity to call myself a Bronco.”  Kelly, similar to Cole and Roth, has achieved on the field in his respective sport.  Kelly shares his final thoughts on the opportunity, “I have enjoyed my time as a Lahser Knight and look forward to great memories in the days ahead.”

As those magical words are spoken, each athlete smiles and signs their letter of intent.  Cole, Roth and Kelly have all become a part of Lahser history and will represent the Lahser to the highest standard in the years to come.  They are truly the epitome of what it means to be a Lahser Knight.   


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