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Armand Cartwright Shines on the Hardwood

By: Ryan Moonka

To most people, basketball is just a sport. It’s what friends play on the cracked blacktop courts in the local park on a hot summer day. But to any talented basketball superstar, basketball is everything. Lahser has its own hard-court hero: the focused, hardworking Armand Cartwright. And for Cartwright, currently a sophomore and the leading scorer on the Men’s Varsity Basketball Team, basketball trumps everything else. Basketball, in his words, is “life.”

His unwavering love for the sport makes his recent injury all the more unfortunate. Cartwright, the starting point-guard, was diagnosed with an inline fracture in his left foot, an injury that could leave him out for an additional two to three weeks.  Cartwright, recalling the injury against Groves with a slight sense of humor, explained, “Someone that wore a size 17 shoe landed on my foot.” The injury now leaves him out until the playoffs, which begin on March 5th.

“It sucks,” explained Cartwright, including, “It hurts every time I put pressure on it, like when I’m walking.”

Soph. Khalil Gracey has stepped into the starting point-guard spot, and the team has continued to play well under him. Gracey explained, “I’ve had to start stepping it up. It’s a lot of work and responsibility.”

While the whole situation remains unfortunate for Cartwright and the whole team, it is offering him the fresh opportunity to watch the game from the sidelines. Armand explained, “I get to learn what I can do when I get back on the floor.” He can watch plays as they unfold, offer advice to teammates, and help motivate from the sidelines.

Cartwright hopes to be back on the court by the beginning of districts on March 5th. But he hardly views this as a setback to his future aspirations, including one day playing for Kentucky University. As soon as the foot heals, Cartwright is sure to back on the court, working harder than ever.

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