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Knight Wrestlers Share their Thoughts

By: Tie’kkia Hall

In the Fall of 2013, both Lahser and Andover will be combined into one Bloomfield Hills High School, and with the combination of the two schools comes more kids participating in sports, some will suffer, but some will benefit. At Lahser, wrestling is a much less popular sport than at Andover.  Mitchell Gall Sr. is a captain of Lahser’s small wrestling team. Gall has been wrestling for 8 years and says nobody has every come to support the team at the meets. “It’s not a popular sport like football. We don’t get daily announcements like football, basketball and the other teams. I was carrying around a wrestling water bottle and people were shocked because they didn’t know Lahser even had a team.” Trey Hammonds Sr. has been wrestling for 2 years, and agrees with Gall. “I wrestle for myself, not for others.”When asked why Lahser never hosts home meets, Gall responded “We have to small of a team to host meets on our own, nobody wants to travel just to wrestle against small teams like ours.” However, Hammonds says “I would like to have home meets, maybe people would start noticing the sport if we did.”Injuries have also held the team back in significant ways. “Over half the team has suffered an injury of some sort this season,” said Gall. That’s more injuries than even the football team had this year. Gall continued, “It’s always hard for a team to succeed when they are stricken by injuries.”But both Gall and Hammonds continue to encourage others to come out for the team, and continue to say there is a lot to be gained from wrestling on Lahser’s team. And hopefully with the merge between Lahser and Andover, the sport of wrestling will see a turn for the better.

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