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Khalil Gracey

By Kevin Mezey

     When one imagines a child playing on a summer day, they think of fun and games where kids from all over the neighborhood would come together to play. Soph. Khalil Gracey is the spitting image of one of those children. Gracey says “I’ve been playing basketball and football since I was six years old.” This comes as no surprise, as Gracey plays both varsity basketball and football. However, Khalil says that if he could only play one sport, “it would definitely be basketball.”
   Khalil says that when it comes to inspirations, Michael Jordan is the first person who comes to mind, especially because Jordan never gave up; when he tried out for his highschool basketball team, he didn’t make it. Simply because he prefers basketball over football does not mean that he doesn’t still love to play football, and of course has his inspiration, Barry Sanders. Another important feature of Khalil is that he is already thinking ahead of time and choosing a college. Gracey hopes to get a scholorship for both basketball and football, and would most definitely love to go to Ohio State University. Until then, Khalil will continue being a star player on the Lahser Knights Basketball team as the starting point-guard.

One Response to Khalil Gracey

  1. Myra E. Gracey December 19, 2012 at 7:53 AM

    Great Job Khalil and I have enjoyed watching him as much now as I have since he was 6 years old!!! Love, Mom


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