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PRO: Should Schools be Allowed to View Student’s Social Networks?

By: Jacqueline Shandler

You may regret that last tweet. Sure, the first excuse is that only your “followers” can see it, but that is not the case. In reality, that tweet might be seen by your principal, the admissions director of your dream college, or even the executive of the company you have applied for.     Schools should be allowed to view their students or future student’s social networking pages because if they are displayed to the public, then it is open for anyone’s eyes.  Students who have Twitter and Facebook pages are held responsible for making sure they are censoring what they say and decide to make public. Anyone who has a Twitter or Facebook should know that what you post is not only shown to your friends, but can be seen by anyone at anytime. There are privacy settings for most sites and if the students decide to make their pages visible to the public, then it is their own fault when a college sees something that changes their thoughts about accepting. Anyone who participates in social networking has many choices about whether they censor what they say, censor their page, or simply delete their networks altogether. Therefore, there is no reason why schools should not be able to perform background checks on students because there are many ways that students can be more careful and conscientious about what they are sharing.

You cannot take that picture off Facebook or delete that last tweet, but consider your future before sharing the next one.

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