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Lacrosse Teams Lead Way for Sports Consolidation

By: Ryan Moonka


Students love the famous Sausage Stroke, the menacing yet comical smack talk

against rival schools at basketball games, and most of all, just simply enjoying in all of

Lahser’s sporting events. What will happen to the teams we have built once the schools

consolidate, which by the way is inevitable at this point?

Sports will forever be different in Bloomfield Hills beginning in the 2013-14

school year when all teams are merged. Yet both Men’s and Women’s Varsity Lacrosse

teams are already consolidated, and they always have been consolidated. The lacrosse

teams are an excellent precedent for the future of sports in Bloomfield Hills.


Ever since lacrosse was introduced as a sport in Bloomfield Hills, the teams have

been combined. It has created the perfect opportunity for students from the different

schools to get to meet each other, especially in the wake of consolidation in 2013. “I like

it. I like the people. There are four Andover girls on the team and they fill in important

spots on the field,” explained Fr. Paige Tornow. Adds Soph. Maria D’angelo, “I actually

enjoy them. I like the diversity. They’re fun. They’re good people.” As for the Men’s

team, Andover players make up nearly half of the team, meaning their presence is very

important. And the players get along just fine, so for future Bloomfield Hills High School

students: there is absolutely nothing to worry about.


Considering the lacrosse teams are the collective best from Andover and Lahser,

both lacrosse teams arguably play better than they ever could without each other. Soph.

Mark McDonald describes, “It’s actually better having the students from both schools

because Andover kids fill in key positions.” He continued, “If I had to choose between an

all Lahser team and a combined team, I’d stick with what we have now,” which is the

same opinion of many of the women too.


While tryouts and making the Varsity cut will be harder for all teams once they

combine, overall, each team should expect to improve. Soph. Rohan Sinha, on the Men’s

Varsity Tennis Team, explains, “Sports teams are going to be a lot better because more

kids means more talent and coaches can pick the best of the best.” As for his projections

for the tennis team in 2013-14, “I think we will be very good and I predict that we will be

top three in the state for division two.” Sinha’s prediction is very similar to predictions in

many other sports.


Lahser athletes need to just look at both lacrosse teams for hints as to how their

teams will look in just two years. For students worried about not liking Andover’s

students, just keep in mind, they are normal people too. And yes, the teams will be harder

to get on, but if anything, they should be all the more better. Expects some great seasons

to come our way, very soon.

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