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MYP Personal Projects

By Annie Reed

       All sophomore students are expected to complete the MYP Personal Project at Lahser beginning this year. It is not technically a graduation requirement for the class of 2015, but it will be for each proceeding class. In Advisory, each sophomore has been assigned a supervisor who will be there to guide him or her through completing the project. Ultimately, on April 26th, everyone’s work will be evaluated and a passing grade will earn the student a Middle Years Programme certificate.

       “We feel that the project is an amazing experience for all students and we want each student to have the opportunity to have that experience,” Vice Principal Margaret Schultz explains.

       This year, Lahser and Andover have adopted the same policy regarding the project. Together, both schools have incorporated the MYP Personal Project into advisory time and expect all students to complete one of their own.

       The MYP Personal Project is not a specific task to complete. The topic is chosen by the student, but must contain three required elements. The three elements are planning, research and personal reflection. At Adjudication each of these elements will be scored on a 0-7 scale. A score of four or above will  earn a student a pass.
“The biggest goal is to have students excited about the project.  Students should see the project as an opportunity to really explore and study something they are interested in,” Says Schultz,  “The staff looks forward to adjudication because it is a time for the students to showcase not only their work, but their passion behind their project.  The passion and excitement is the most important aspect.”

By October 18th, every sophomore must pick a topic. Some students already have their ideas set.

Students Project Ideas:

Gillian Terlecky:
“ I am planning on creating a photo collage of little pictures that will come together to create a larger picture. Each photo will be a picture of me in Detroit and when I combine all of my pictures I want it to create the old, English ‘D’.”

Leah Barton:
“I enjoy composing songs on the piano and singing. I hope to create a CD of my songs for my personal Project.”

Roberto Ostos:
“I’m making a self-discovery video that is going to help me find a way to come out to my parents as being gay.”

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