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Power Lifting

By Colby Gillette

       The saying “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” usually does not cut it for some sports. But the sport that brings all three of those words together is Powerlifting through three lifts; Bench, Deadlift, and Squat. A strength sport that literally anyone can participate in and a sport that anyone can find out more about who they truly are as well.

       For many the sport of Powerlifting is a myth, an unseen rarity of a sport. And for those who know about it, some are deterred from it as well. But the ones who stay and grind through the many months long grueling training and never ending dedication will grow stronger physically and mentally. The sport of Powerlifting revolves the core three lifts, Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift. In a competition the months of training and countless hours and calories ate and burned are put to the test. A Powerlifter must get on stage in a hotel convention room or a cold concrete floored gym and lift the three lifts. These powerlifting meets usually go from five to six hours. Each Powerlifter is given three attempts at the lifts. The weights always increasing each attempt, but as the bar bends there are rules to these lifts.
First off, the Squat is always first in a meet, and it is the most tiring. A leg focused lift the Powerlifter must get under the bar and wait for the judge to give the command to squat. To complete this lift they must break parallel, in normal english this means to bring your hips lower than your knee. With this the Powerlifter must stand up and rack the weight after the judge has given them the “Rack” command. After Squat there is Bench Press, a lift that almost everyone knows about. This lift is relatively simple, lay on the bench with back flat or arched, hips must stay down, shoulder blades firm on the bench with the head down. The Powerlifter must take the bar and hold it above him or her self till the judge says bench, the Powerlifter must bring the bar down and touch their chest wait for the command to press and then rack. Then comes Deadlift, picking the bar up off the ground and bringing it up to hip height, literally that’s it.

       Sound simple enough? No, not really. There is technique to everything, the judges do not just say “Okay, that’s good enough.” They are precise and professional, usually grizzled Powerlifters of time before. There is diet techniques to follow, some eat whatever, some eat like they are always in a eating contest. There are supplements to take ranging from 100% Whey to Creatine and all the way to Nitric Oxide, some taste amazing while others taste like chalk. Chicken is usually a Powerlifters choice for protein due to the high protein count. There is equipment to have, ranging from a 10mm thick Powerlifting belt, Chalk, Wrestling shoes for Deadlifts, and so. There are wraps to use and different Wrestling-type singlets known as Erector and Squat suits, not to mention the constricting bench shirt, Ouch! And the training, this takes lots of dedication and time but you feel great in the end.

       Some might know that Lahser High School used to have a powerlifting program, and few might know that many high schools in the state of michigan have and have had a powerlifting team, in example Lake Orion. In 2009, local high schools around the Bloomfield Hills area Powerlifting used to be a growing sport, teams full of students and athletes, football players to the average student. Powerlifting teams seemed to have dwindled in the past years but now after some time, Powerlifting teams are coming back bigger than ever. Hopefully the new Bloomfield Hills High School could have one as well.

       In the end, when the heart rate lowers and the chalk is washed of the tired hands the sport of Powerlifting is embedded in the ones who chose to have it embedded in them. All it takes is to try and see what happens. The people who do go into the sport are apart of a great sport, where women and men lift alike, where they are in a friendly environment that many call a brotherhood Powerlifters. “Blood, Sweat, and Tears”… this is Powerlifting and so much more.

2 Responses to Power Lifting

  1. Doris Gillette January 3, 2013 at 7:49 PM

    nice article-dont think i will try pl tho

  2. Best Creatine May 3, 2013 at 7:16 PM

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