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Brendan Eathorne

I grew up flipping through the Free Press comics on Sunday mornings, but eventually I realized that newspapers have so much more to offer. Reading Mitch Albom at the dinner table, poring over pages of sports scores and world events, I was fascinated by the art of journalism. As the only freshman on staff, there is pressure to perform as well as some of our more experienced writers, but I welcome the challenge. I hope that I can contribute to Knight Life’s success and improve myself in the process. Having my older sister, Courtney, on staff adds to the thrill of writing for the newspaper. I look forward to making the last year of Lahser great as well as starting the new traditions of Bloomfield Hills High School. My goal is to influence my readers and leave them with ideas that will shape the way they look at life, and hopefully, Knight Life.

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Knight Life ADs

If you would like to make an AD for Lahser Knight Life, weather it is for the internet or the paper. Download this document and mail it back. Then all you have to do is email us at with your AD and we will put it in.

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