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Knights of Fashion – Guys

guy2By Jordan Ricarte

You’re scrambling around your closet to whip out an outfit for another day here at Lahser. Many may stick with a classic Polo collared shirt with khakis and Sperrys or keep it casual with a patterned flannel finished with some Levi jeans and Vans.

Yet, a sense of style doesn’t come naturally when it comes to outfitting the average high school student. It comes from knowing what goes well together and vice versa. They are many different details in the “art” of dressing with style, however we must focus on the basics first.

Knowing your size is the key to every outfit. Never be embarrassed about what your waist size is or if you’ve happened to grow into the next biggest size. What matters is that you wear clothes that fit your body shape or type.

A necessity for collar shirts and flannels is a fitted undershirt. People with a lean body type can bypass this step if wanted. Undershirts solidify how the overshirt fits. With a baggy undershirt, the overshirt will crumple up in various places and will not fit correctly. Other than that, another benefit for an undershirt is that it helps prevent “sweat marks” that may accumulate on the body throughout the day.

In tandem, fitted jeans are the way to go. Baggy or skinny jeans are out of the picture in today’s style. Slim-straight is the best style for any pair of pants. If you plan on buying a pair of Levis, 514 or 501 are solid bets. Knowing what waist size is self-explanatory, yet to figure out the correct length is another thing. If the end of your pants rest lightly on the top of the foot, the length is correct.

As far as shoes go, It all depends on what kind of style you are going for. With Polos, dress shirts or classy flannels, brands such as Clarks, Sperrys or Brooks Brothers  complement this “semi-classy” style well. As for more of a casual look, such as a sweater or a casual flannel, shoes such as Vans, Pumas, or Nikes fit well with it.

During the fall, the choice of colors can further exemplify an outfit. Natural colors such as green, dark blue, red and brown all fit into the “fall” category. This will give an outfit better depth and an “earthy” feeling to it. When you think of the Fall season,  think of “Layers”. Adding vests on long-sleeves or coats to hoodies, you can make two outfits into four and so on! There are endless possibilities of outfits you can create with these staples that are in most people’s wardrobes.

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