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An Preposterous Policy

peopleBy Maddie Rohr


A parent’s word used to be an almighty voice taken as the truth. There was no questioning of a parent who said they were taking their sick child to the doctor. Not any more. Despite a call into the attendance office or the physical appearance of a parent, a doctor’s note is now required and the power of a parent’s word is virtually meaningless at Lahser today.

A new policy regarding excused absences is being enforced this year. Now, in order to be excused, a note is required following all doctor’s, dentist and legal appointments. Failure to generate a note results in an unexcused absence.

Numerous hospitals, such as Beaumont, have gone paperless – meaning that all files, charts, graphs, et cetera are being kept online rather than on paper in an attempt to save trees. Under these new paperless systems, conjuring up a doctor’s note is more difficult than one would think. I once sat and waited a full half hour for a doctor’s note so I could be excused from Advisory, because – as shocking as this may seem – I would like to graduate. I would like to say that I used my time productively, but instead I pondered about which sticker I would choose on my way out.  What a waste of thirty minutes! Sitting on crinkly, white paper waiting for a doctor to write a note.

A Race to Nowhere, a documentary heavily endorsed by the Bloomfield Hills School District themselves, explains that children of this generation are being pushed to the brink under substantial pressure from society. Tests on tests on tests. It details the chaotic life of a student and the negative effects these pressures and expectations can cause. If the School District would like to practice what it preaches, students should be allowed a day off every so often. It is a parent’s right to call their child out of school to give them that day off. It is their job to ascertain if their child is sick and in need of rest, not the administration’s.

There may be some who have abused the attendance policy in the past, however, is it not fair to punish those who used to abide by the rules from the very beginning with an unexcused absence for forgetting a note to “document” exactly where they were. The new attendance policy is down right inconvenient and unnecessary. Sure the administration may say it cares, but let’s be honest: our parents care more.


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