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Commit To Sanity

nun-goes-to-asylum-door-in-american-horror-story-images-22By Jazmynn Croskey

       With the biting chill now in the air and Halloween long over, last year’s breakout hit American Horror Story is back for season two hoping to keep the Halloween spirit alive. From Glee muses Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy came a show with a simple premise; scare the living daylights out of their viewers. Sounds inviting, but the show took a much darker turn and was not for the faint hearted. Falchuk and Murphy co-wrote the show together, wanting to reach out to a more mature audience, a far cry from their family friendly show on sister network FOX.

After a successful first season of ghosts and haunted houses, numerous Emmy wins, and shattering cable records, a second season was ordered that premiered on October 17th to over three and half million people tuning in. Murphy promised fans that season one’s story was long over and that they would be introduced to a new story and characters, and he kept his promise. This season’s tag line is “commit yourself” and will focus on what makes one sane and insane, thus the show was dubbed American Horror Story: Asylum as the premise. “Welcome to Briarcliff!” explained the opening credits, taking viewers back to 1964 on the East coast to an asylum for the criminally insane. The asylum is home to many characters who will come to grow on fans or potentially give them nightmares for weeks afterward.  With many of the cast members from season one returning, fans will recognize some familiar faces in different settings and walks of life. Scene-stealer Jessica Lange, who played ghost Constance Langdon last season, is back wielding an iron fist as nun Sister Jude who runs Briarcliff, while holding some personal demons as well.  Fan favorite Evan Peters, who played serial murderer Tate Langdon in season one, is back as James Dean look-alike Kit Walker who is wrongly committed after being accused of being “The Bloody Face Killer”. Murphy had hinted before the season began that fans would have a hard time seeing their favorites from the past season as characters out of their elements, and he didn’t lie. The season two opener was difficult to watch, goriness aside, as viewers tried to let go of last season’s characters. The sophomore season also received some fresh new faces to the cast, snagging A-listers Adam Levine and Jenna Dewan-Tatum as two newly weds who take the unfortunate tour of the asylum in the present day, at the wrong time.

The show hasn’t held back at all, even after just a few episodes on the air. The added twist of aliens and other supernatural creatures adds to the scare AHS never fails to bring. This season, viewers can look forward to harrowing revelations, even more characters, and of course, a fright while watching all in your lonesome at ten o’clock at night.

The show is just as disturbing as it is intriguing, but you never want to cover your eyes while you are being scared like devil is going to reach out through your TV and get you. If you’re willing to get your blood pressure raised a little to watch class- A horror unfold on your TV screen, it’s worth it to be irked to your very core.

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