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End of an Obsession

The-Twilight-Saga-Breaking-Dawn-Part-2By Regina DiMaggio

As trends are known to come and fade, the first that comes to mind is the mega successful franchise series The Twilight Saga. Full of violence, love, and jealousy, you’d think it would be the perfect recipe for an outstanding novel. Wrong! If the sappy playful nature wasn’t enough, the saga has had plenty of instances of hard to believe situations including vampires falling in love and werewolves seeking vengeance for their failed love adventures. The story has been so incredibly captivating to some that it has led many to devote their lives to the relationship between boring Bella and alluring Edward.

To be so incredibly involved in such a situation causes some to ask the question “is this a good thing?”. Of course stories are harmless and fun and never hurt anyone, but this type of obsession that’s being displayed by so many is a reason to start to worry. Many die-hard fans, or “Twihards” as they are called, even go to the extent to tattoo their favorite characters on their bodies in memory. This tattooing doesn’t just appear with young people, but middle aged and even some crazed senior citizens fans have gotten in on the action and tattooed Jacob’s hairy face onto their wrinkly skin.

The premieres for these films and novels are often huge and lively, attracting fans from all over. The dedication of the individuals going to the premiers is usually the same as the insane individuals tattooing characters faces on themselves.  Dressing up and going in character to these premieres is the normal. If you happened to be dressed like a sane and normal person, well you are being judged.

The publicity and coverage this saga has received is overwhelming, not to mention the revenue it pulls in making the wallets of the three main stars fatter. The fame and fascination doesn’t seem to be dying out any time soon with the fan base expanding every single day. Twilight truly has created a whole new scene in the fantasy world. A scene that normal people just seem to get sucked into the whirlwind mindset of a crazed fan, that suggests sparkly creatures should be your soul mate.

This fantasy novel has sparked a whole new generation of people who are in love with the idea of forbidden love and the weak conquering the strong. What was that quote? “The lamb fell in love with the lion”. (Unfortunately the lamb probably has more facial expressions than Kristin Stewart, who plays Bella).

These are situations that we can all see ourselves in day dreams, falling for the reckless bad boy, and they make for a fantastic story for all ages. But how much of a reckless bad body is Edward? He owns a Volvo. Although some devoted fans seem to take it way too seriously, and become obsessed. This is something we see with every new fad or phase in pop culture. The era of Twilight is just another passing phase in history, and will soon be gone with the wind and forgotten. Except for those who are tatted, it’s permanent.


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