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Learning Communities: The New Classroom

leaning_community_2By Brendan Eathorne The claustrophobic feel of a windowless classroom is soon to be replaced by the casual lecturing environment of a modern, state-of-the-art learning commu- nity.

This college-esque atmosphere is all part of the designs for a matured learning environment at the new Bloomfield Hills High School building, set to be com- pleted for the 2015-2016 school year.

The “Learning Community” will be replacing the traditional classroom setting with high hopes of making learning more self driven and exploratory.

Each community, roughly the size of one of our current department wings, will consist of large project areas for working in groups or presentations. The wings will encompass “disciplines”, similar to original classrooms, but very open and connected to each other.  Media bars will provide optimal access for recharging computers and connecting with other means of technology. The Teacher Collab- oration Area will be used to provide instructors with workstations and access to supervising all of the learning areas collectively.

Although only this year’s freshmen will experience the new building, sopho- mores, juniors, and seniors will be seeing this style implemented in many uni- versities across the nation. The transition to learning communities will be major, and students, staff, and administrators seem to have mixed feelings about the new system.

“I think the communities look high-tech and contemporary,” says freshman Daniel Settecerri. “However, I think for the first few years things are going to get hectic and loud as communities seem loosely structured. The whole area feels like an expanded media center.”

“I’m looking forward attending the new building, and I think the learning com- munities could be the best part,” counters freshman Brandon Kada. “The new design gives students more freedom and will make classes more enjoyable.”

All eyes will be on the administration as we approach the completion of the new high school, and as we set the learning communities into place.

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