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Marching the way to success

DSC_0100By Jackie Shandler

The field is pumping with the beats of the drums and horns of the trumpets. It is a familiar sound for which is reassuring but there is still much to focus on. Is the pitch right? How is the line form? The members of the marching band have these thoughts running through their heads while also focusing on the notes they are playing. However, the Knights have much experience with this routine and have proved it with their recent, impeccable performances.

The marching band competed and placed in three invitationals this school year. The first was the Andover invitational in the beginning of the school year, which took place on September 22. The band also performed last month = in the Groves Invitational on October 6. The band came home with a trophy from both of the invitationals. Rachel Passer, a Junior clarinet player in the band commented on the Groves invitational saying, “We did not compete in this last year, but doing so this year helped us improve our sound altogether.”

The band also marched in the most competitive event, the Marching Band Festival, held on October 10. At the Festival, three judges, one in each of the following captions, adjudicate Marching Bands: Music, Marching and General Effect Showmanship. The band entered all three of these categories for judging. A final rating is determined by a predominance of ratings. Each band had a 15-minute block of time to enter the field, perform their show and exit the field. The Knights finished with Division Three “1’s” in all three categories with an overall top score of “1.”

Rachel shares the facts with Knight Life, “It was exciting to earn three “1’s” because last year we earned two “2’s” and one “1” which gave us an overall 2.” Senior Chelsea Watkins, a Clarinet section leader, shares her thoughts on how the marching band has improved over this past year, “Our focus and teamwork has helped us improve. The fact that we are a family and work together makes the marching band what it is because the tone quality, sound and form in the line cannot be determined on your own and we rely on each other to give feedback and support one another.”

With a successful start to the season, the band is looking forward to bringing their drive to New York where they will perform in a parade later this year.

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