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skyfallBy Colby Gillette

In a casino, somewhere in Europe, a man is smoking at a card table, only to be interrupted by a lady sitting across from him with a simple question, “What’s your name?” And the man responds, “Bond…” puff of smoke follows the words suspense builds. “James Bond.” then Ian Fleming’s fictional character is born as the first film of the James Bond series starts off with Dr. No. Bond is a  character that seems to be stuck in time as he is portrayed in every decade from the mid-1900’s to modern day and age of 2012. James Bond was a story character in the all famous book Casino Royale, but now James Bond has evolved into something of an icon, an almost near perfect example of what a spy is in the espionage world of today, all seen in the upcoming movie, Skyfall.

Apart of a prologue to the whole James Bond film series, Skyfall picks up after the movie 2008 movie Quantum of Solace, which succeeded the 2006 movie Casino Royale. Being a third part of the prologue just does not mean that, but it  has to introduce new characters to the series but instead Skyfall gives the audience a fast paced, action filled, and mysterious new storyline. With an all star cast of Daniel Craig, the new bond, Naomie Harris and Berenice Marlohe, as the bond girls, and not to mention the new villain, Javier Bardem, from the movie No Country for Old Men. With the new cast , as well as the original supporting actors, such as Judi Dench who plays M, and the new addition to an old

character that hasn’t been seen in the James Bond films in a long time..

With that, the new question is “What is Skyfall about?”, this question is answered by a very different scenario we all are not used too. Skyfall is about, without giving too much away,a downed spy satellite that many intelligence agencies are trying to recover due to the content on it. Sounds pretty straightforward but from the trailers that have been released they show that this is not true, the story is engrossing and has many twists and turns that many will not expect. Ian Fleming would be proud to see how Skyfall has turned out.

Simplified and Spectacular

Skyfall is one movie that can connect dots like a pro dot connector. Being the last final installment to the James Bond prologue it ends it perfectly. With a

action packed opening and a suspenseful plot but the ending is what gets everyone. Skyfall is a much more simplified compared to Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace the story is easier to follow by a long shot.

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