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ArgoBy Ross Hall      The film Argo, directed by Ben Affleck, is a riveting representation of our efforts to rescue staff from our embassy in Iran during the 1981 hostage crisis. Iranians rioted and attacked the embassy in outrage that the United States provided asylum for their recently overthrown leader. A CIA agent played by Ben Affleck is sent to Iran with a plan of creating the image of a film crew, integrating the hostages as film crew. He would then sneak the crew out of the nation, pretending to finish their scouting of the area for filming.
      Everything that can go wrong, absolutely does in this film. Many obstacles are thrown into the path of the film crew throughout the movie, making it that much more suspenseful. The film is a rollercoaster ride of success mixed with doubts and overcoming fear. In the beginning, the thought of attempting to trick the Iranians brings thoughts of a suicide mission and sits uneasy with all. Although after Ben Affleck coaxes them enough, the operation comes underway.
This movie is so accurately cast and directed, with each moment has its own feeling of suspense and importance. The urgency of the whole situation is really displayed in an incredible way. False paperwork and identification are required for the hostages to appear as an authentic film crew, and the process for which they all must go through to receive the paperwork is grueling. Each character displays their own ways of dealing with the situation and the stress that it causes them. The tension throughout the movie could be severed by a knife. Near the end as the crew attempts to get through Iranian security, doubts are amongst the Iranian officials regarding the validity of the crew’s paperwork. This creates an incredibly tense scene in which the adlib and improvising from the crew saves their lives.
The movie also has spurts of great humor and iconic elements of the 1980’s. The scenery and architecture of Iran is stunning and really brings the whole film together in a nostalgic way. Ben Affleck not only directed but stared in this production, which resulted in a fantastic film that grips the audience until its final moments. Bravo Mr. Affleck, you have outdone yourself.

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