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History Repeats

history_repeats-01By Colby Gillette

Time after time, we are educated on the notion that history continuously repeats itself. It’s hard to believe that any state, or any citizen, lucky enough to be called an American would wish to shed that title. Yet, if history has taught us something, we know that some parts of the country house citizens who fight tirelessly to separate themselves from our nation.

Imagine a world where your neighbour,who could live as little five feet from you, is a citizen of a different country. In this world, leaving your home state to visit family in another state would require you to bring a passport. This reminds us of the days leading up to the civil war where,  Abraham Lincoln said “A house divided cannot stand.” But around 20 states beg to differ. 20 states including Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, have petitions already up for signings from their residents. The bulk of these ideas sprang up around election time and argue that some states would be more prosperous as independent nations. These petitions could not only divide the country, but bring change that none of us expected or have entertained in almost 150 years.

The main question many would ask is why anyone in any state would want to split? The answers are either biased, true, or outrageous. However, no state appears as serious as Texas, the lone star state. The state of Texas is considering a separation from the US to become its own state. This happened once before, in the mid-1800s when it succeeded and then rejoined after the Civil War. Already at around 27,000 votes and growing daily, the number has reached a point of concern, requiring President Obama to address the issue

This is not the first rodeo for US government, who has witnessed states asking for partitions in the past. Dating as far back as 1784, states have had activists and other conglomerate of citizens propose to either form their own states from current states or become their own entity. These partitions have been spaced out through, having never amounted to a severe threat. However, these threats have been muted until now.  Ironically, the reasons mentioned by these states today parallels those of the southern states during the Civil War.

Now 20 of the states of the United States of America have online and offline petitions to form their own country. With economic distress and arguments surrounding many factors, both domestic and worldwide, these 20 states have presented sufficient reason to split. Though many states in the past have failed, when a large group have similar grounds to secede peacefully and become their own independent government, it all seems too real. The most likely, and probable, outcome is that these petitions will fail and the states will remain with the US.

Though concerning in theory, the likelihood of this happening is bleak because the numbers of those who wish to stay far outweighs the number of those who wish to leave. Arkansas, for example, has a population of 2,710,079. The petition needs 25,000 signatures to be placed before the President. As of now, only 11 signatures have been acquired, and this must fill up to 25,000 by mid-December. While the lone star state is frighteningly close to reaching its goal, without the other states, Texas has little hope of sustaining itself alone. That said, the whole episode should be nothing to worry. Still, the idea that history could repeat itself, or that this idea is being taken seriously, is enough to keep Obama busy in the early months of his new term.

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