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Inconsistent Temperatures

inconsistent temperatures-01By Caroline Cooke
Winter is the most wonderful time of the year. But not necessarily for Lahser students who have to stress everyday about what to wear to school. The buildings inconsistent temperatures cause students to turn their focus elsewhere while their studies are not the main concern. Instead students go into survival mode, doing anything to keep warm for eight hour day.
Deciding what to wear to school is a difficult task to do every morning, but with the way Lahser is heated, the decision is much harder to make. Do I wear a sweater? A t-shirt? Shorts? Should I bring a hat and gloves? Senior Raylen White expressed his displeasure with this conflict “They anger me very much. Sometimes I want to wear a t-shirt to school, but I can’t because it is so cold.” Many students feel the same about the inconstant climates in this school which makes it nearly impossible for students to dress accordingly.
While some classrooms are notorious for the incredible heat, others are not so fortunate and students must endure arctic temperatures. So what’s the deal? When I asked Janitor Angie she told me this, “It’s an old building and there’s a lot of mechanical problems that go down that it takes a minute to get the parts. Usually it’s nothing big, but we just gotta reset it and it comes back up.” However, to students, it doesn’t feel like it works that easy. Senior Brian Keener complained about having to bring a blanket to school because some of his classrooms are extremely cold. Students feel like they are being restricted to what they can wear to school due to the inconsistent climates they experience throughout the day.
While students are focused on how to stay warm for a few hours, studies have been done to prove how inconsistent temperatures affect learning. It is a very large distraction, “all you can think about is how hot or cold you are,” said Sophomore Jimmy Hurley. Warmer temperatures tend to make students more tired and lethargic, causing them to lose focus and the ability to grasp instruction, while colder room temperatures cause reduced activity and performance. So, as a Lahser student, the best way to succeed is to wear layers. You can shed them or gain them to maintain the best body heat and get the most out of the curriculum!

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