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Tea is for Me

tea-01By Chase Smith It’s used for health, taste, a jolt of energy, a feeling of sleepiness, and many other productive and enjoyable things.  For thousands of years humans have been mastering the art of creating delicious and beneficial blends.  Because of its more extensive history than coffee, tea has many advantages than coffee.  To get the fullest taste of coffee one must grind the original beans themselves on top of owning a coffee blender.  With tea one simply boil water, strain and pour to extract the most desirable taste.  The natural qualities of tea offer a healthy choice for a beverage and don’t stain teeth or cause bad breath.  The abundance of different flavors and types of tea keep the tea community excited and eager to explore. Although coffee does offer different types of beans, the taste from brand to brand can be as hard to tell as Coke and Pepsi.  Although tea is cheap to buy, it also is friendly to the environment.  Brewing tea doesn’t produce any extra waste other than the used leaves that were used to produce the blend.  Coffee uses filters that can only be used once and emit a variety of potentially harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.  If you find yourself wincing at the taste of coffee, try the smooth calming alternative of tea and you’ll never want to go back.

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Knight Life ADs

If you would like to make an AD for Lahser Knight Life, weather it is for the internet or the paper. Download this document and mail it back. Then all you have to do is email us at staff@lahserknightlife.com with your AD and we will put it in.

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