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Views in Life

views_life-01By Courtney Eathorne. Negative Bloomfield  talk detrimental to BHHS future

What would the world look like sans prejudice? I realize that this is a utopian fallacy, one pursued through history since the beginning of time. Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Bobby Kennedy; herein lie the names of those who gave ev- erything their lives to combat inequality born of uncontrol- lable attributes.

Men and women have walked the Earth trying to find sensible balance without sustainable success. But forget all that for a moment.  Really try to envi- sion your own world free of the tainted lens through which you view it. What do you see? Do feel more inclined to be- friend others you don’t previ- ously know? Do you pay more attention to what someone has to say, rather than how they look as they say it? Do you be- lieve an individual is more im- portant than the identity of the group to which they belong? If you are truly making you best efforts to see your world with eyes wide open, the answer to the previous questions should be yes.

Bloomfield Hills prides it- self in its expansive and em- braced  diversity.  Representa- tives from nearly every race, religion and nationality have taken the opportunity call this community home.   Like any permanent settlement of peo- ple, Bloomfield features mild, yet glorified patterns of similar people living in similar places. Normally, this characteristicis nothing to note. However, when people take these pat- terns and begin stereotyping along the divides, society is found in possession of a seri- ous problem; and no matter how much love one professes for the community, Bloom- field is guilty of this charge.

High schools students are absolutely infamous for the way we take heavy occurrences in life, and make their weight dis- appear. Insults and judgments are tossed full-force, and lack of impact is feigned. The roll- off-the-shoulders tactic may appease a personal attack, but Bloomfield is currently facing a problem of prejudice much greater than teen between teen conflicts.

I  grow  tired  thinking  of the number of times I have typed the phrase, “come fall of 2013 Lahser and Andover high schools will become one, new, Bloomfield Hills High School.” Despite the persistent drilling of this idea into the heads of Bloomfield adoles- cents, severely closed-minded stereotypes continue to exist.

The Bloomfield-born idea that either high school breeds a certain type of student, or that either school finds more success in a certain area, are damaging to the bright future of BHHS.

“Andover students are more this, Lahser students are more that.” What does this sort of talk accomplish? It is com- pletely ignorant of each and every talented individual en- rolled in this district. Both La- hser and Andover, like every other school in America, are home to many talented stu- dents academically, artistically and athletically.

As the classes of 2014 and beyond have been told repeat- edly, at events like BCLC and Challenge Day, there is a very idyllic opportunity in their midst. To them I would simply like to say the following: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  Take a hint from Mahatma’s famous mutter- ings and create the Bloomfield Hills High School that you tru- ly want; one free of negative identity stigma. You’re lucky. You’re  making  history.  And we thank you.

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