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SEMMUNA takes Lahser

SEMMUNA-02By Jacqueline Shandler Junior Editor

November 10th. A regular Saturday for most high schoolers, but to the members of Model United Nations it was a day looked forward to with both happy and nervous excitement. A day that was marked on their calendars for months and was counted down with every early morning club meeting. This Saturday had months of planning and preparation behind it for every member of Model UN. The Model United Nations club hosted the South Eastern Michigan Model United Nation Association (SEMMUNA) Conference for the first time at Lahser on November 10th. This is an annual conference that takes place at different high schools, but this year it was Lahser’s turn to host. Mr. MacLeod, the teacher who runs Model UN, spoke about the conference, “We had 679 students here from 24 different high schools from around the state. Lahser was packed, but most of the kids enjoyed themselves and had a good experience.” At the conference, the members of Model UN participated in a full day of mock parliamentary procedures where they were assigned to various committees and tried to act out simulations of the United Nations. Kelly Montgomery, the secretary general of the conference and leader of the club tells Knight Life her thoughts on the club’s first conference this year, “Everyone carried out their roles well and it was a full club effort which was really nice. I am so proud of everyone in the club for pulling off a great day.” She concludes, “The praise from students and advisors for a job well done made the hard work and commitment a worthwhile experience.” The highlights from the day include a performance by Lahser’s drum line, the national anthem sang by Sidnee King and Congressman Gary Peters as the keynote speaker. The next and final competition for Model UN takes place at Michigan State in February. Kelly Montgomery predicts the club’s performance for the next competition, “We have a great team full of kids who care, so I have high hopes for our next competition.”

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