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The Most Important Meal Of the Day

lunch-01By Annie Reed Junior Editor

       If asked what their favorite class is, many a Lahser student will quickly reply with “Lunch!” Who’s to blame them? The precious twenty-five minutes allotted for lunch are often the highlight of a long day at school. You can socialize, work on homework, or Snapchat your little heart out, but let’s not forget the primary purpose of lunchtime: to eat.

As eyes scan the cafeteria, one will notice that eating is not as common as you would think. Large portions of students at Lahser do not even eat lunch. This is puzzling. School requires more than its fair share of concentration and energy. A substantial midday meal gives students the power to make it through the school day and for some, their extracur- ricular activities as well.

Calories are units of energy, not little monsters that sew your clothes tighter in the middle of the night. They are necessary to live and thrive, so cut- ting out lunch brings about virtually no positive ef- fects.  Skipping a meal results in your body going into “fasting mode”, which leads to mood swings, fatigue, a slowed metabolism and yes, constipation. How delightful. To avoid these side effects, why don’t you just take a seat and enjoy a good ole sack lunch?

What’s even worse than seeing a lack of eating is seeing a waste of food. Nothing can top watching a student throw away a perfectly good sandwich or apple when people only miles away struggle to find their next meal.  Talk about an ungrateful group of children.  It’s no wonder that so many people think of Bloomfield Hills as a wasteful and spoiled city. If you have been given a meal, why not indulge and take a bite of it?

Think of the meal as a dear friend, one who not only fills your growling stomach, but also your hun- gry mind. You can only run on caffeine for so long. Dependency on caffeine to make it through the day is a horrible habit to develop, so don’t expect a frap- pucino or a Coke to sustain you until the bell rings at two thirty.

Nothing is better at keeping you attentive than a well balanced diet. A proper meal containing a correct amount of carbohydrates, proteins and lip- ids can drastically change your productivity for the better. You learn the food pyramid in elementary school for a reason.

So the next time you go to throw away your lunch, stop and think. It pains me to see so many kids making the poor choice of skipping a meal. Use that time to chow  down or make it your own, personal peanut butter jelly time. Eat your lunch and enjoy it.

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