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Chargers Aim to Set the Tone For Years To Come

chargers-01By Chase Smith   You can count the number of returning varsity  seniors on one hand this year.  The Bloomfield Chargers took a dev­ astating blow when they graduated over  a dozen seniors last year.  Considering the team  consists of less than  20 players this year (including goalies) there was a lot of space  to be filled in the roster. Coach Bruce Mcalister set his eyes on Junior Var­ sity players,  incoming freshmen and travel players  which  created one of the youngest line  ups the Chargers have seen  in a few years. A young hockey team  has disad­vantages and advantages when it comes to game  time. Size and  strength become an important factor in battles for the puck  in the corner. 1he Chargers had multiple players that had  a intimidating and large presence on the ice last year so coaches have been putting a larger emphasis on weight  lifting  and strength development this year to make up for the difference. Another disadvantage is that  many players lack experience playing at the speed that varsity plays at. Already there has been an injury and a few close calls because younger players  aren’t  used to being on their  toes.

When these  players get used to the pace of play they will be more able to perform at their highest potential.  Young players  will have  2 to 3 more years of growth on the Chargers hockey team so they will be able to dramatically improve by the time  they are seniors. When most of the team  consisted of seniors last year, it was harder to give younger players the opportunity to play at a higher level where they  can learn  and  imitate the seniors. The seniors this year have a big responsibility in leading the team this year and  setting a foundation for the future. Captain Kevin  Barnett capture the signifi­ cance of the older  players  when  he says, “The returning players that  we have  will need to be more involved in the development and guidance of the younger players. We won’t be able to win the games on skill alone, but rather the effort and hard  work  which  we will put into our  program:’ The Chargers will be playing about 25 games  this season and their annual free t-shirt game will be coming up soon. The new talent and  new faces of team will offer an interesting and exciting season for they youthful hockey squad.

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