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Lahser Men’s Tennis Goes Out with a Bang

used-tennis-balls.67101447_stdBy Ryan Moonka      The road  to States  was no easy one for the Knights. Yet the Lahser  Varsity Men’s Tennis Team is not  only used  to chal­ lenges,  it embraces them. Match by match, the Knights fought their way through the season, which ended with  a run  to Grand Blanc and  a Division Two States appear­ ance. Led by Sr. Captains Michael Dan- iels, David  Gwizdala and AJ Smith, the Knights finished their  season, and the Lahser’s Mens Tennis  program as a whole, strong. Despite finishing with a 4-7-1 record, they finished 2nd  at Regionals and carried their  momentum into  States. Coach Greg Burks,  reflecting on the season, said, ”I’m  very proud of how the boys played. We did very  well, consid­ ering  we found ourselves in probably the toughest league in the whole  state:’ Ando- ver, who is also in our  league, finished first at Regionals and 8th  overall  at States.

Arguably the most  talented league in the state, OAA Red had  many standout teams,  including Andover, North Farm­ ington, and  Lahser. Sr. Michael Daniels explains, “It was a grueling season and we had  the toughest schedule we’ve had in a very long time:’  He continued, “Consider­ ing we were competitive with  many  of the top teams in the state, I would say that  we had a great year:’

While the team  did well altogether, a few individuals had standout seasons. “[Sr.]  David  Gwizdala at 3 singles and  [Sr.] AJ Sm ith and  [Jr.] Matt Meehan together at 2 doubles all had  great  seasons;’ said Burks. Lahser’s  3 singles and  2 doubles went on to win Regionals. Looking towards the future, there is both  excitement and apprehension regarding how the merger will affect the tennis team. Jr. RJ Richmond describes, “I think for Juniors and Seniors, and  especially Sophomores, it’s going to be a lot more difficult  to make the team:’ Jr. Daniel  Bota adds, “Its going to be harder because there is going to be twice as many people. We’ll be playing with  new people we don’t  know, which could help the team  but could also hurt the team:’

As for now, the boys are proud to be part  of the Lahser  tennis tradition. Daniels recounts, “We were successf ul in the face of both illness  and  injury, and we should be more than  satisfied to have rep­ resented Lahser  in its last season:’ Knights tennis may have reached the end  of its road, but its mark will live on.

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