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Matt Ramin Talks

By Chris Garcia       Matt Ramin has had a dream ever sense he started  play­ ing hockey when he was three years old. One day, Matt hopes to be playing college hockey and moving up to the NHL. He is one of our most talented  students here at Lahser High School. He participates and dedicates all of his time to the travel hockey team, Compuware midget major. All of his time spent at strenuous, long hockey practice and his natural  athletic ability has made him a remarkable player. He remembers watching hockey on TV and thinking one day that could be him, and is still doing whatever he can to make that come true. When asked “What were some of your major influenc­es?” He responded “My coach in the BCHL influenced me to always work as hard as I could because he believed it would all pay off. He has helped me improve my game and gives me pointers so I am always getting better. Langley River Men and said that experience allowed him to become a stronger  player. He has his whole families support and faith behind him, which only encourages Matt to do better and better. His deter­ mination will get him where he wants to be and he is an example something of great importance to them. Matt Ramin should  be looked to as a role model, and rec­ ognized for his hard efforts.

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