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Wings Fans May Be Locked Out This Winter

wings-01By Brenden Eathorne  Hockey fans across North America are distraught and frus­ trated. They flip through channels, and at their lowest points they may find themselves watching basketball, bowling, or, it pains me to say this, Honey Boo Boo. Many people point to Gary Bettman  as the cause of all this trouble. Others say that Players’ Association president Donald  Fehr is responsible.  Almost all can agree that the two American lawyers are slowly ruining Canada’s game.

So where do we find our­ selves now? The players and the owners continue almost  daily talks, but both sides refuse to budge. Even when it seems that they are getting closer to agreeing and getting the season underway, they are pushing each other farther  apart. We watch closely as each side takes baby steps in their multi-billion dollar game of chess, and pray that the A lonesome Zamboni sweeps across the ice at Joe

Louis Arena. Its water floods the rink where the Detroit  Red Wings play, freezing over and filling in the cracks left the i of the of hockey, and the heart  and grit of the sport’s tenacious players carving their skates into the ice. The stands, where just months ago thousands of thundering hockey fans watched the Red Wings win twenty-three consecutive home games, are now quiet and dull. A late-autumn frost covers a padlock that closes off the players’ entrance to the arena. No longer are the Red Wings players welcome there, for now at least. Since September 15th, Commissioner Gary Bettman  and the owners ofNHL teams have locked players out of facilities while they and the Players Union work out a new collective bargaining agreement, or CBA.

The major issue is based around the league’s revenues, or the money made from NHL games, ticket sales, concession  sales, broadcasts, and mer­ chandise.  The owners hope to reduce the player’s sh are of revenue from 57% game held outdoors that was scheduled to be played between the Red Wings  and Maple Leafs this year at the Big House, has been cancelled. Not only that, many players have given up hope and decided to take their  talents to play overseas for the duration of the lockout, and potentially longer. Notable players include Detroit’s own Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk, Zdeno Chara, Joe Thornton, Evgeni Mal­ kin, Alexander Ovechkin, Patrick Kane, last year’s Stanley Cup champion captain Dustin  Brown, and hundreds more. sport we love so dearly will soon resume again. Your move, NH to 50%. Also, they want to lower the salary cap and put limits on contracts. The players simply can’t agree.

Lost in the process, nearly a third of the NHL season has slipped away, and the Winter  Classic, an annual

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