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Paige Tornow

By Chase Smith

    The first  snowfall excites everyone and brings bright white joy to originally cold, grey day.  For some, the snow brings promise of the holidays, for others the snow is just a majestic blanket that heals all the ugly blemishes of naked trees and dead grass.  But, for a special few, the snow holds a lot more value and meaning than others.  Paige Tornow is one of those people because it marks the beginning of the highly anticipated ski season.      Tornow is a sophomore at Lahser and participates in skiing and lacrosse.  The ski team and Tornow have been growing more and more frustrated as they see other winter sports starting up in full force while they are stuck doing dry land practice outside of Lahser.     Despite the anxiousness to start skiing, the team remains focused on working out leg muscles associated with skiing as well getting in shape for races.  The teams new captains, Jordan Paige and Andrew Parsons, and the new coach, John Thomas, manage this concentration.      Tornow continues to look at the sky in search of a wandering snowflake making its way gently down to earth.  She says, “Growing up, Michael Phelps was my inspiration but I took the water he swims in and froze it so I could ski on it.”  This reflects her work ethic and determination to make this last season memorable.      As soon as Pine Knob becomes ski-able, high school teams around Oakland County begin practicing everyday in attempt to pack as many races as they can during a 1-2 month period.  Lahser’s team also goes on an annual trip up to Boyne Mountain where they compete against teams from that area and enjoy the beautiful up north landscape.      The weather gets colder but Tornow and her teammates get warmer hope and anticipation to participate in their favorite sport.  This weather reliant sport may have a short season but is just as heart pounding and respected as any of the other sports during the winter.

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