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Lahser Girls: Stop Waiting!

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By Caroline Cooke

February is the month of love. Pink and red consume all aspects of life; roses and teddy bears are everywhere; girls all over the world are stuffed to the brim with chocolate. But for Lahser, February isn’t just another holiday season. The Sadie Hawkins Dance becomes an obsession for many girls, and secretly boys, as they plan for the event.

The reality of the Sadie’s Dance, however, isn’t always all that glitters. Attendance drops to about half of abundance of students who danced the night away at homecoming. Teenagers love to dance and the whole shebang is exciting, so what is the cause of the dramatic decrease in attendees?

Boys can’t wait to get asked, wear their khaki pants, and realize that there’s nothing better than such, as the old song goes. Even if boys press their ears to the girls’ bathroom door to overhear who will be asked, they love the surprise. Plus, it’s a nice break from having to ask a girl, and pay for her dinner, at Homecoming and Prom.

But while boys are getting giddy over their argyle sweaters, girls are shying away, too scared to be rejected.

The absence of a significant other, a busy schedule, and fear of rejection are some of the excuses Lahser girls use to get out of asking a friend, boyfriend, or acquaintance to Sadie‘s. Even with the dances informality, cheaper dinner choice, and dress shopping excitement, many girls are still too shy or busy for the February dance.

“Homecoming is a dance that everyone goes to which makes it more fun,” said Sr. Lauren Lockwood. “Sadie’s is super couple-y and it’s nerve-racking asking a boy since they usually do it!” When other girls were asked about their reason for skipping the dance, they all felt the same.

But why not ask a close guy friend or grab a group of your best girlfriends and hit the dance floor? The drink station is always open and tables are always set up if you aren’t feeling up for an awkward slow dance. For most Sophomores and Freshmen, Sadie’s will be the last dance of the year for them.

As for everyone, this is the last traditional Lahser Sadie Hawkins Dance, why miss out on a great night? Next year, Lahser ladies ought to ask their dates early. Set the nerves aside, because all it takes is 20 seconds of extreme courage for you to have the best dance yet.

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