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Parent Supervised Parties Irresponsible?

Parent supervised party irresponsibleBy Caroline Cooke

High school kids love to party. Ain’t nothing quite like getting together with some friends to loosen up after a tough week. While some party harder than others, we can all agree that we love getting together with friends to socialize and kicking back with a few brews isn’t going to harm anything. However, having parents around to supervise a party can seem pretty lame. Some parents are beginning to come to terms with that fact that their kids enjoy partying. They are allowing teens to participate in illegal activities as long as they’re around. Wouldn’t you say that’s better than out-of-hand, parentless parties where everyone there is doomed for MIP’s or sickness?

    Parent supervised parties are more responsible than any other kind of party. Kids are going to find a way to drink or do drugs whether or not they have their parent’s permission. As much as we try to deny it, we are living in the twenty-first century where is possible for teens can get their hands on pretty much anything they desire. Which is why having a parent around to control and look after those in attendance, isn’t irresponsible, but rather completely responsible.
“Better safe than sorry” is a saying we’ve heard a million times before. It’s applicable to every situation. When aparent supervises am event, they are able to take partygoers keys, which will prevent them from driving under the influence. Having a parent control a party and allowing them to give rides home to those who need one is much safer. It is better than a party where drinking or doing drugs must be a secret where teenagers then have to drive themselves home. It is a danger to everyone and should never even be a considered option. Teens are more at risk of a similar situation if a parent is not accepting of what really happens at parties.
Trust is one thing every teenager wants from their parents. To be honest, having a parent let their kid see what the real world is like by allowing them to be in a situation is a good way to see how much they can truly trust them. Allowing their teen to have a supervised party is a great way for a parent to show that they trust their child.
Parent supervised parties allow a responsible adult to administer how much of a beverage is consumed by those in attendance. Letting kids experiment at a younger age can teach responsibility and how not to lose control. Opening kids up to alcohol at a younger age will take away some the excitement that surrounds it. Moderation is key, but a teen needs to be introduced by their parents to know how to treat alcohol responsibly.
If teens are going to find a way to participate in illegal activities, it’s better to be at home under parentsupervision that who knows where. It can prevent drinking and driving, teaches responsibility, and shows that aparent trusts their kids in stressful situation. If a teen slips up, then their parent has every right to punish them however they please. But as a teenager, you have to make the mistake at least once to understand and learn from mistakes. Parent supervised parties are a better way to experiment with something than letting kids find out the effects and consequences on their own.

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