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Parent Supervised Parties Responsible?

Parent Supervised Party Responsible?By: Julia Lee

It’s a Friday night in the Hills, and the crazy party everyone will be attending for the night is pumping loud music and flooded with excited teenagers looking to have a good time after a stressful week of school. However, the fun takes on a different turn when a parent supervisor answers the door to greet enthusiastic party-goers.
For teenagers, high school students especially, that awesome party last Friday night may involve risky factors of alcohol and other drugs. When drinking, smoking, or participating in any underage activities, students feel that it’s okay to “loosen up” and have fun once in a while—especially after a tough week of school. Teenagers in the twenty first century have learned to move away from the innocent fun of birthday parties to trying to sneak in illegal substance to casual weekend parties. They have learned that alcohol and other drugs help to make their stress and worries disappear, even for a little while. Often, high school teens like to party their worries away.
So who is responsible for allowing, or simply turning a blind eye to underage students participating in risky business at parties? If the host of the party is a parent, then something is definitely wrong. For a parent to “supervise” a party full of underage students consuming alcohol or doing other drugs is irresponsible. In order to prevent any dangerous situations from happening in the first place, parents—being the responsible adults they are, should be the ones stopping the actions of wild teenagers before they even happen. Their job is to protect their kids from harm, not to expose them to it by providing a place for kids to drink and do drugs.
Providing alcohol for minors is also held irresponsible by law, and is dealt with jail time. If the law is against parents (or any adult) providing and permitting alcohol for minors, how much clearer could it be that supervising such parties is irresponsible and unsafe?
Some argue that it’s good for kids to be exposed to alcohol earlier in order for them to learn self-control and responsibility that comes with alcohol, but exposing alcohol to kids who have not fully matured yet and fail to make smart decisions in many situations is dangerous. Drinking and getting caught can bring all kinds of devastating news for that minor. It could mean a rejection letter from that college they worked so hard for, as well as a MIP under their criminal record. That one decision to drink or do drugs to “have a good time” could ruin the student’s future.

A responsible adult would provide a great party for teens without the need of alcohol or other drugs. It is true that it’s easier for kids nowadays to get their hands on alcohol and other drugs, but it should also be true that parents will enforce safe decisions and also be able to detect and protect their kids from making dangerous choices.

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