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The Pond Lifestyle

“Yo dude, pond today?” The question started to surface early this year, due to the cold temperatures this winter season. michigan_hockeyThe ponds seemed to freeze in no time. The excitement was evident, as players were getting ready to once again lace em’ up and skate on the ponds of Bloomfield. For these boys, winter is spent out on these ponds in weather anywhere from 30       F – 10 F degrees. After interviewing many of the players, it was obvious they didn’t mind the extra chill winter has to offer. “I mean it gets pretty cold sometimes, but I love being on the ice too much to even care”, Senior Matt Ramin says about the the heavy dose of cold weather. “ Personally, I’m more worried about the warm weather.”

As you can imagine, warm weather is devastating to these players and their ponds. Once it gets above 30 F, it seems as though the ponds become softer and slushier with every minute that passes. Not only does the ice become at times unplayable, but these players put their lives at risk when they walk onto a soft pond. They have all heard stories of people plunging in to the ocean-like water that lies under their sheet of ice, yet they still don’t mind the slight risk. Parents and other students may think it’s stupid to put yourself in danger, but to these boys, it’s just what they do. Their parents understand that and no one really questions their judgment. This was all true up until last year. Last year, as you may remember, was one of the warmest winters we’ve had in years. Due to the warm weather, ponds were softer and unsafe as ever. Nonetheless, pond hockey was played all winter long. Senior Michael Blumenthal recalls, “The ponds where almost just slush last year and it just wasn’t good ice.” When asked about the safety of the ice last year, Blumenthal answered laughingly, “ They weren’t safe. There are no buts about it that they weren’t safe.” Blumenthal, a pond hockey legend himself, continued, “ To me it’s worth the risk. I started my hockey days on the pond and now enjoy my time playing for the Bloomfield Chargers Varsity team.”

This being said, last year the Bloomfield Police Department made it clear that skating on the ponds was at your own risk and they would be, like every winter, informing the public when the ice is safe enough to skate on. That announcement has yet to have been made this year. For those who don’t want to put their bodies at risk, you still have some waiting to do until the ice is safe. As for those die hard pond players, they are probably skating on the ice as you read this article. Senior Bo Babcock said “It’s a way of life for us. Hockey can be a risky game, and it takes a lot of guts to play it. Same can be said for stepping out onto the ice.”

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