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The Pond Lifestyle

The Pond Lifestyle

“Yo dude, pond today?” The question started to surface early this year, due to the cold temperatures this winter season. The ponds seemed to freeze in no time. The excitement was evident, as players were getting ready to once again lace em’ up and skate on the ponds of Bloomfield. For these boys, winter is [...]

Cross Country

Cross Country

By Austin Burchill        It’s the will to run, the will to finish, and this year for the Knights, the will to win. The cross country men and women’s team has shown they are going to leave it all out on the course winning multiple meets as of last.        The [...]

Knight Life ADs

If you would like to make an AD for Lahser Knight Life, weather it is for the internet or the paper. Download this document and mail it back. Then all you have to do is email us at with your AD and we will put it in.

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