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Varsity Tennis

Varsity Tennis

      A great era of Lahser sports has come and gone, as the Men’s Tennis Team concluded its final season this fall. The team’s season culminated at the State tournament, after finishing second in regionals.       Looking towards the 2013 tennis season, when the schools combine into Bloomfield Hills High School, [...]

History Repeats

History Repeats

By Colby Gillette Time after time, we are educated on the notion that history continuously repeats itself. It’s hard to believe that any state, or any citizen, lucky enough to be called an American would wish to shed that title. Yet, if history has taught us something, we know that some parts of the country [...]



By Colby Gillette In a casino, somewhere in Europe, a man is smoking at a card table, only to be interrupted by a lady sitting across from him with a simple question, “What’s your name?” And the man responds, “Bond…” puff of smoke follows the words suspense builds. “James Bond.” then Ian Fleming’s fictional character [...]

Colby Gillette

Iowa native and now michigan resident, my life has spanned two states and 10 hours of driving. From the farm fields and small towns to a large bustling city in a state that ranges from a motor city, to a country style living, to a upper peninsula which seems like a whole  other state of [...]

Power Lifting

Power Lifting

By Colby Gillette        The saying “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” usually does not cut it for some sports. But the sport that brings all three of those words together is Powerlifting through three lifts; Bench, Deadlift, and Squat. A strength sport that literally anyone can participate in and a sport that anyone can [...]

Knight Life ADs

If you would like to make an AD for Lahser Knight Life, weather it is for the internet or the paper. Download this document and mail it back. Then all you have to do is email us at with your AD and we will put it in.

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