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Swift’s New album has listeners seeing RED

Swift’s New album has listeners seeing RED

By Regina DiMaggio She wrote your song on an old napkin and wishes she wasn’t invisible. You belong with her because she can’t breathe without you. You’re still an innocent even though you gave her roses she left to die. And even though losing him was blue like she’d never known, loving him was red. [...]

End of an Obsession

End of an Obsession

By Regina DiMaggio As trends are known to come and fade, the first that comes to mind is the mega successful franchise series The Twilight Saga. Full of violence, love, and jealousy, you’d think it would be the perfect recipe for an outstanding novel. Wrong! If the sappy playful nature wasn’t enough, the saga has [...]

Regina DiMaggio

I am a 10th grader, and  also the youngest in my family. Growing up with three older siblings, it was hard to get people to listen to me, so when I heard that Newspaper was an option I was interested and excited pick it up. I love writing for Knightlife because it gives me a [...]

The Shore Washes Away

The Shore Washes Away

By Regina DiMaggio        We used to close our history books and put away our homework to turn on Jersey Shore every Thursday night. Even if you think it is a ridiculous lifestyle and all the cast members are outlandish, you watch it. Face it, it’s addicting. It seems like everyone has to [...]

Knights of Fashion – Girls

Knights of Fashion – Girls

By Regina DiMaggio As the leaves begin to change, so do the fashion trends right here at Lahser. As the weather continues to grow colder, it seems that shorts and dresses are extinct in these months. And with Fall almost behind us, student fashion must accomodate the damp weather rather than the sunny days behind [...]

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