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Lacrosse Teams Lead Way for Sports Consolidation

Lacrosse Teams Lead Way for Sports Consolidation

By: Ryan Moonka   Students love the famous Sausage Stroke, the menacing yet comical smack talk against rival schools at basketball games, and most of all, just simply enjoying in all of Lahser’s sporting events. What will happen to the teams we have built once the schools consolidate, which by the way is inevitable at [...]

Athlete of the Month

Athlete of the Month

By: Connor Wood This month’s top athlete honor goes to senior varsity lacrosse captain Ryan Monahan. Monahan plays for the Bloomfield Nighthawks, a joint Lacrosse Team which includes the best players from Andover and Lahser High Schools. With the 2011 lax season finally underway, Monahan expects nothing short of a winning season. “Many new players [...]

United We Stand

United We Stand

Lahser Jr. Michael Lucci tenses his body, preparing to stop the opponent from taking a shot on net.  As the attack man dodges at Lucci from the left, he checks his stick, trying to knock the ball out.  He misses and the attack man rips a shot on the net.  SAVE! Andover Sr. Ari Cicurel [...]

Knight Life ADs

If you would like to make an AD for Lahser Knight Life, weather it is for the internet or the paper. Download this document and mail it back. Then all you have to do is email us at with your AD and we will put it in.

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